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CAE Marketing & Consulting, Inc. is a Digital Marketing Agency and SEO Company in West Palm Beach, FL, offering the best results-driven SEO services in South Florida.  We are a professional team of SEO experts, Content Managers, SEO consultant, PPC strategist, and web designers with decades of professional digital marketing experience and Search Engine Optimization.


CAE Marketing & Consulting has worked with small local businesses, medium, and enterprise-level firms for nearly 2 decades, offering a wide array of online marketing services like, Search Engine Optimization, PPC management, content marketing, Local SEO strategy, link building, content creation, website design, social media marketing, email marketing, and conversion rate optimization.


We want your West Palm Beach business to have long term success, because our goal is to keep you as a partner for years to come. Our professional team of digital marketers will lay out a solid search acquisition strategy for you in order to maximize your digital marketing efforts. Through link building, on-page Search Engine Optimization, and content marketing & content creation, we will hit your target audience driving targeted keywords and site visitors and help you climb the search engine rankings, and not just Google, but all the major search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuck Go.


Our Search Engine Optimization services work, they’re profitable, and we have the data and the satisfied clients to prove it.  More SEO case studies here.


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The Crucial Importance of Search Engine Optimization

What would it be worth to your business to be ranked on the first page of Google? What about in the top 3 of the search results or Google Maps (for local search)? From a business perspective, think about that question for a minute.  If your small business was ranked on page 1 for multiple, highly-searched, targeted keywords on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, how much more web traffic and organic traffic would your website generate? How much more brand exposure would it receive? With more FREE website traffic you will get more phone calls and more leads by reaching many more potential customers. More importantly, how much more revenue will your website generate each month? If your small business is in a competitive niche, being on the first page of Google (or top 3 spots in Google Maps for local businesses) could literally equate to hundreds of thousands, or even millions of Dollars for your Palm Beach business.


West Palm Beach SEO Case Study #1

Here’s a client in West Palm Beach that had been struggling online for several years. We took over their SEO and digital marketing campaigns on February 2021.  You can see the dramatic impact our SEO work has had on their rankings. This client now ranks nationwide for over 900 keywords, 170 of those are on the first page of Google.
Note: The chart below only shows the keywords we’re actively tracking for this client (those most profitable for the client).

small business seo services - keyword rankings
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Why you should hire us

  • We are unrelenting & passionate about results.
  • We’ve been hitting SEO home-runs in West Palm Beach since 2008, and we have a proven success track record.
  • NO contracts. Why? We want to earn our Palm Beach clients’ business every month. Most other agencies will lock you into a 6-12 month contract.
  • Integrity & Transparency are the cornerstone of what we do and how we operate.
  • No sales team. We invest in top marketing West Palm Beach SEO consultants for our team, not sales people. Why? Our work generates leads on its own. Shouldn’t that be what you’re looking for in a digital marketing agency?
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Complete Digital Marketing Services in West Palm Beach

Our professional team of SEO experts, PPC strategist, content marketing experts, and SEO consultants will build a search acquisition strategy to propel your local Palm Beach business to the top of the search results or Google Maps. We do this following our tried and true digital marketing process:


SEO Audit

It’s important to understand where a website stands, which keywords it ranks for, and how the website is seen by Google. Our SEO audit will investigate your website’s on-page SEO, which keywords it is utilizing and where they’re being used on the website. The SEO audit will also inspect your website for technical errors, load times, and if renders properly on mobile devices in accordance to Google’s new mobile friendly standards. Finally, we look at your website’s backlink profile (which websites are linking back to yours). Contact us for your FREE SEO Analysis.


SEO Competition Analysis

As part of our comprehensive SEO audit, we also conduct thorough research on your closest competitors through our competitive analysis, especially those that are dominating the search results for your target keywords. We study what they’re doing well, what we can replicate from their SEO success, and what approach to take to overtake them in the search results.


Keyword Research

Whether you’re needing SEO services or PPC services, it all starts with in-depth keyword research. Our West Palm Beach Internet marketing company is 99.9% data-driven. We use some of the most sophisticated AI software and data scraping software. We let the Analytics guide our decisions, but too much data can be overwhelming and confusing. Having been SEO professionals for many years we know exactly what numbers to look at and which numbers to use to guide our West Palm Beach SEO clients. Not all search terms are the same, and the intent of a search user must always be considered, not just the volume of searches a keyword gets every month. Exact-match keywords as well as long tail keywords are important. Through our extensive keyword research, we identify these keywords for our PPC and SEO clients first, then we begin to outline their marketing strategy with these keywords.

All SEO Services Include Our Keyword Rank Tracker

Monitor our Search Engine Optimization campaigns with our keyword rank-tracking tool. Updated daily and completely FREE with any SEO package.
Track local West Palm Beach Rankings or nationwide rankings for your Palm Beach small business. Track Google, Bing, and Google Maps, all in one place.

West Palm Beach SEO

Search Engine Optimization (On-Page)

Once we’ve identified your target keywords, we write specific titles for all the pages on your website, utilizing these keywords. We will also use these keywords in your website’s meta description tags, headlines, body copy, and image alt tags. This is a fundamental component to all SEO strategies and helps lift our SEO efforts.


Link Building

Link building is considered “off-page” Search Engine Optimization because it happens off your website. Link building is the process of building links on high-authority websites back to your own website. The more high quality backlinks that are pointing to your website, the more authority your website will have, which will help it rank for more keywords and higher. Our link building service is heavily involved. It typically takes 15-25 days to build a single back link. Though link building has been the backbone of SEO for many years, it has recently become slightly less of a factor (emphasis on slightly) due to other ranking factors being introduced by Google, such as website load times & structure, as well as quality content (among 200 other factors).


Content Marketing

Content marketing has become an extremely important part of Search Engine Optimization in the last couple of years. Some may argue that content marketing is just as important, if not more important than link building. Content marketing essentially involves creating quality content like articles, videos, images, infographics, etc for your website. Content marketing can also be utilized outside of your website. The real aim of content marketing is to prove to Google and other search engines that:

  • You or your company are an expert in your field or subject matter
  • You are who you say you are
  • You do what you say you do
  • You are where you say you are

Modern SEO requires content marketing, they go hand-in-hand, and you can’t have solid SEO results without content marketing. By building great, informative content people will want to read (consume) your content and share it. This in turn builds natural backlinks for your website.


Google Analytics

We utilize Google Analytics for our West Palm Beach SEO clients, not just to understand which channels their web traffic is coming from, but also to measure their ROI through conversion tracking. Whether you have a nationwide ecommerce website selling widgets online, or you are a local West Palm Beach business interested in generating more leads through your website, you must properly track these conversions in order to understand what your cost per lead is and what your ROI is. Our SEO consultants and web developers will help set up conversion tracking for your online forms and/or by tracking incoming phone calls from potential clients.

Local West Palm Beach Client Success

internet marketing west palm beach

Local West Palm Beach SEO Case Study

Local SEO? No problem! This client is a local West Palm Beach shop serving the tri-county area in South Florida. For them, it was vital to appear in Google’s 3-Pack in order to generate more foot traffic to their local shop. When we started working with them, they had nearly no local presence on Google. Today, their local business appears in Google’s 3-Pack for 27 different keywords.

local SEO results - CAE Marketing case study
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Local SEO Strategy for West Palm Beach Businesses

If your West Palm Beach business target audience is local and you’re looking to attract local traffic, customers, or leads, then your local business will need a specialized Local SEO strategy. Our West Palm Beach SEO experts manage both national and local SEO clients. Both strategies are very different and they require a different approach. As a local business owner you are more interested in your business appearing in the top results of local searches, either in Google search or Google Maps. It doesn’t matter to you if your website appears in search results in Texas when you are only interested in attracting clients in West Palm Beach and South Florida.

Our Local SEO experts will help optimize your Google My Business (GMB) page, optimize your website for on-page search engine optimization, and build citations and other high-quality backlinks to push you to the top of Local search or Google Maps.

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West Palm Beach Website Design

Our team of professional web developers and website designers can help give your business website a face lift, or they can build a brand new, state-of-art website. Our web design team are experts in website design, and they fully understand what it takes for a website to perform well. “Perform” means that it will drive organic traffic through Search Engine Optimization, but also convert that traffic into customers or leads through effective Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). All new website design projects come with SEO and CRO built into them. Don’t just settle for a “pretty” website. Your Palm Beach County business needs a website that’s going to WORK for you and convert that targeted traffic from your PPC and Search Engine Campaigns campaigns into paying customers.


Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing, otherwise known as PPC (Pay Per Click) is essentially paid advertisement on the various Google and other popular search engine’s channels, like search, display, YouTube, Google Shopping, and even Gmail. Search Engine Marketing will yield you fast results, though it does come at a premium. The downside of PPC is that once you stop paying for it, that traffic stops completely. Organic search traffic through Search Engine Optimization is quite different. SEO requires patience and a long-term investment, and you will likely not see a return for quite some time. The flipside of that is that once SEO starts driving web traffic to your website, it’s completely FREE. Even if you stop your Search Engine Optimization campaigns, that traffic will continue for a long time.

The choice between PPC and SEO lies completely on the individual business’ needs and goals. Our team of experts will help guide you through understanding the difference between the two and how both can impact your business in the short and long term.

SEO Case Study #3

We have been working with this client for a couple of years. The client is in a very competitive niche. It took us nearly a year to establish the client on Google. Today, not only is this client on the 1st page of Google for nearly 125 relevant keywords, they are also ranking in the top 3 positions nationwide for 80 competitive keywords.
Note: The chart below only shows the keywords we’re actively tracking for this client (those most profitable for the client).

SEO company - top keyword rankings

Social Media Marketing

Social media presence is important to just about every business, especially local businesses. People want to do business with people, not a website. So, having different channels by which your potential customers and clients can reach you (a human) is always a good idea. Social media outlets or platforms can also help your business attract new clients if what you are posting on those social media outlets is relevant and helpful to them. Social media marketing is a small but important piece of your overall digital marketing strategy.



Search Engine Optimization is an Investment

The initial investment you make towards a solid Search Engine Optimization plan will not break the bank.  The big difference between us and other SEO companies out there is that with our SEO Company you WILL see see results.  Often times, by simply optimizing the user experience we can increase conversion rates.  Essentially, your website gets more orders from your existing traffic.  But by increasing your organic rankings through Search Engine Optimization, you will see a ton more traffic to your website. SEO companies vary greatly, so be sure to do your due diligence and ensure that the SEO companies you are considering actually do what they say they do. How? Check their search engine rankings. Ask those West Palm Beach or  Boca Raton SEO companies what SEO related terms their websites rank for. Our SEO company delivers the best-in-class West Palm Beach SEO services that will push your keywords to the top of the search engine rankings. No two SEO companies are the same, and our SEO company does not require long-term contracts. Our West Palm Beach SEO services work.

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