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CAE Marketing is a professional social media management company with over a decade experience in social media. Our social media management services, which include social media advertising, are tailored to not only grow your company’s presence online but also to have a serious impact on your SEO efforts.

social media management companyWe help your small business establish trust and loyalty by building relationships with potential customers. The impact of using our social media managed services is huge. These managed services will aim to increased awareness, website traffic and lead generation for your small business. Secondary, yet crucial benefits include influenced Google rankings via social signals (likes, shares, comments, etc), reputation management, and customer service to current and potential clients.

Social media marketing is tightly connected to SEO. Now-days it’s hard to have one without the other.  We will take your stagnant social platforms and make them work for you. Each client is different, therefore the recommended social platforms for each client depends on their niche and target audience. Social media for the small business is very important.

How We Help Your Small Business Social Media Needs

Four things to help your small business grow on social media:

1. Daily Posts & Management

2. Social Media Advertising

3. Follower Growth

4. Custom Content

5. Engagement

As a social media management company, we have had great success using some of the major social media platforms to grow our small business clients’ presence: Platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. Each social media platform is used uniquely, according to the visitor demographic and platform.


small business social media management services

Results from our social media management services for 1 client, in only 8 months

Intelligent Social Media Posting Schedule

As in everything we do at CAE Marketing, our decisions are always based on data. Social media is no different. Our social media scheduling tools give us insight into how your followers interact with your posts, depending on platform, day and time.  Our tools literally let us know the best days and times to post for each platform.


social media management service

Our social media tools show us the optimal posting times per platform for you.

Google Rating

Social Media Services Pricing & Packages

The price for our social media management services will vary depending on a few factors:

  1. How many platforms do you want to target?  A single managed platform starts at $299/month, and each additional platform is $199/month.
  2. How many posts per week would you like? 14 posts per week is a good starting point for most small businesses, and our starter package includes this many posts on a single platform.
  3. Do you need more followers? We’ll grow your follower base each month for each platform. Follower growth starts at $50/platform/month.
  4. Social media advertising is extremely powerful, but how much you spend depends on your business goals, product or service, and your target audience. Contact us for a quote.

While social media marketing is important, we never recommend a small business to only deploy a social media marketing strategy. Without a complete online marketing plan, individual components, like social media marketing, simply will not have the impact you are hoping for.  Check out our affordable SEO packages for small business.

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Social Media Management Services Are Part of a Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy

Your social media strategy needs to be part of a larger and complete online marketing strategy.  Social media engagement may not always be measurable in terms of ROI.  However, it is, to some degree, measurable in terms of the effect it has on SEO as well as other channels.  This is why we highly encourage clients to choose one of our small business SEO packages, which contain social media management services.


Social Media Advertising Services

Social media advertising is just as important as posting updates on your social pages. We have had great success in combining our social media advertising services with remarketing ad campaigns through Facebook and Google. But again, it’s all part of a holistic digital marketing services package.


Social Media Consultant

Often times we find that companies simply need direction and guidance when planning out their social media marketing strategy. As expert social media consultants, we will help you define the right strategy for your business and help put the correct parts in place to execute the strategy efficiently. This is something that needs to be carefully thought out and implemented as a part of a complete digital marketing & branding strategy.

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Our Clients

We have worked with small and large companies alike.
Our passion for results is always the same.

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ArmorTech Powder Coating - a CAE Marketing & Consulting client
Marketing for small business by CAE Marketing & Consulting, Inc.
Marketing for small business by CAE Marketing & Consulting, Inc.


"Nothing but professionalism and dedication from these guys. Down to earth with a no-nonsense approach. They are truly here to help the small business owners through their expertise in digital marketing."

CAE Marketing & Consulting reviews - Bob Palcher Bob Palcher CEO, Dealer Solutions, Inc.  


"CAE Marketing has helped our business by making us more aware of the statistics in order to formulate our decision making for our marketing mix. He has a very good understanding of how business works and the details that go along with it."

CAE Marketing & Consulting Reviews - Gene FriedmanGene Friedman CEO, Infinity Exhibits  


"Whenever I communicate with them, it's like talking with a friend who cares about my business. More importantly, they care about my invested interest in my project, and that in turn inspires me even more."

CAE Marketing & Consulting, Inc Reviews - Diane JellenDiane Jellen Award-Winning Author  




"Their drive, determination and work ethic are unmatched. 10 years later, we are still working with CAE Marketing."

CAE Marketing Reviews - Tom PearsonTom Pearson CEO, Trynix Systems Group, LLC  




"CAE Marketing managed to place us on the first page of Google for several keywords specific to our industry. Prior to this we were nowhere to be found on search engines. Going on 6 years working together and we couldn’t be happier."

CAE Marketing & Consulting Reviews - Phil HorelickPhil Horelick Owner, ArmorTech Powder Coatings, Inc.  


"The phrase “Well done good and faithful servant” kept coming to mind. I think it applies to you and your group that put together this campaign and video in order to help these terminally-ill kids."

CAE Marketing & Consulting Reviews - Stephen ZoellerStephen C. Zoeller Chaplain & Founder of Zoeller Motorsports Ministries  




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