For five years now, the SEO and internet marketing consultant industry has been growing by 14% each year. In the United States alone, this industry now creates more than $80 billion worth of value every year. There are more than 434,000 people in the country who help people with their SEO and internet marketing.

In the past, people did not focus as much on SEO for HVAC companies. However, the whole business world is moving online more than ever before.

Although this was a trend before the pandemic, the pandemic has caused it to proceed even faster than before. That means that businesses like HVAC companies also need to focus on finding customers online. However, that means building up quality SEO so that you can have a strong digital presence.

Read on to learn all about the top tips that will help take your HVAC company’s SEO to the next level!

Improve HVAC SEO With Fast Loading Speeds

Many people do not realize how much the speed at which your website pages load affects HVAC search engine optimization. In fact, your page loading speed can affect your SEO in at least a couple of different ways.

First, SEO algorithms pay attention to things like page loading speeds. If they detect that your pages take a long time to load, they will rank you below your competitors who have pages that load faster.

The second reason that slow-loading pages can affect your SEO for the worse is that people may bounce off of your website if it takes too long to load. In other words, they might wait a few seconds, become impatient, and then go back to the search engine to look for a competitor whose pages load faster.

In fact, this is the main reason that SEO algorithms rank websites with slow loading speeds lower. They know that people often become frustrated with such websites. That gives search engines an incentive to make sure that they give their users HVAC website options that load as fast as possible.

The less data on your website pages, the faster they will tend to load. In particular, videos use a lot of data and slow down page loading speeds. Removing videos and other data-heavy features from your website can give you a quick SEO boost.

Augment Your SEO With a Landing Page

On the other hand, videos are an effective way to reach many people. Is there any way to enjoy the advantages of fast-loading pages without having to sacrifice using videos and other data-heavy features? The good news is that landing pages can help you enjoy the best of both worlds.

A landing page is a special page on your website designed to receive new visitors. Once people are on your landing page, they can navigate to your other pages to find the specific things they are looking for.

One of the top priorities for your landing page should be to make sure that it loads as fast as possible. This way, people will get to your website quickly and be more likely to stick around.

Even if they eventually try to load a page that takes a few seconds longer to load, they will be less likely to look for other websites once they have already been on your site for a while.

Having a landing page that loads fast will improve your SEO by itself. As customers start to spend more time on your website because of your landing page, that will improve your SEO all over again!

Focus Your HVAC Business Website on Local SEO

Not every business appreciates the difference between global and local SEO. Global SEO increases the chance that people all around the world will find your website. In contrast, local SEO focuses only on making sure that people near your geographical area find your website online.

Some companies benefit from having people all around the world find their websites. However, HVAC companies really only need local people to find them.

Make sure to focus on local SEO rather than global SEO tips to get the most out of your SEO strategy.

That includes things like mentioning your specific location in titles and subheaders around your website. That way, the algorithm will know which areas you want to see your website.

This also means that you should avoid mentioning locations farther away. They might confuse the algorithm and make it harder for your neighbors to find you.

Check Your HVAC Business Site for Old Links

Even the best HVAC company marketing strategy requires updates to stay fresh. After a few years, some of the links on your website might no longer work. Having broken links on your website will negatively affect your SEO.

Every year or so, make a point of checking your site pages for any broken links. Updating them can remove anchors from your site that are dragging down your search engine rankings.

Make Your HVAC Site Easy to Navigate

The easier your website is to navigate, the more time customers will tend to spend on it. This also decreases the chance that they will bounce off of it due to frustration with your navigation system.

Make sure that there are not too many options on any one of your site pages. Focus on making it obvious to new visitors how they can find what they’re looking for from anywhere else on your website. As people enjoy navigating your website more, they will stick around longer, triggering SEO algorithms to improve your rankings.

Enjoy Effective SEO for HVAC Companies

These days, it is more important than ever to have great SEO for HVAC companies. We hope that learning more about how you can take your SEO to the next level will help your business grow as well. Quality SEO can help you acquire new customers faster than ever before.

To learn more about how you can enjoy great SEO at your HVAC company, reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!

David Morton

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