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The Importance of Understanding Website Metrics

I was going through some older articles I had written and I came across one I wrote while working for the marketing research firm, Marketing Experiments (owned by MEC Labs). Though I had written this article 8 years ago, I was surprised how much of it still applies...
YouTube Merchandizing

YouTube Merchandise: Creative Ideas to Jazz Up Your Channel

YouTube can be a fantastic tool to promote your merchandise - OK, that's probably not news to you. What may be more headline-worthy is how exactly you can use YouTube to make money for your brand, which is what you're probably actually interested in. There...
confessions of a marketing consultant

Confessions of a Marketing Consultant

Confessions of a Marketing Consultant I am burdened. My wife asks me, “what’s wrong?” I am perplexed by my clients, I tell her. Don’t get me wrong, if it weren’t for them I would be out of business. The problem, you see, is that my big marketing...
dating and marketing are not that different

How Marketing Makes You Better at Dating (Dating for Dummies)

I was going through old client documents on my computer when I came across an article I had written over 10 years ago. As a young & single marketing research analyst, I became enamored with the idea that I could apply marketing principles to my (then)...

Google to Give Secure Websites a Rank Boost

Back in August 2014, Google announced that they would start testing using secure websites (those designated by “HTTPS”, rather than just “HTTP”) as a ranking signal. How does one go about making their website “secure”?  Simple; you buy and install an SSL Certificate...

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