While 68% of all activity online starts with a search engine, nearly 46% of all Google searches are local. Using local search engine optimization (SEO) can help you reach nearby customers. Then, you can boost your brand visibility, web traffic, and foot traffic to generate more sales.

The right local SEO companies can help you build a strong strategy, ensuring you improve your local rankings. Not sure who to hire?

Read on to discover the five tips you need to find the best local SEO services today!

1. Goal-Oriented Approach

Before you start researching SEO companies that offer local SEO services, take a moment to outline your goals.

For example, perhaps you want to claim and optimize your Google Business listing. Your Google Business listing appears in the top right corner of search engine result pages (SERPs). You can take up prominent space on SERPs to generate more brand visibility.

Your Google Business listing displays your name, address, phone number, website, business hours, and more. Ensuring this information is correct can help more local customers find your storefront or business online.

Your profile also displays customer reviews, which can strengthen your brand’s reputation. A strong reputation can help you generate more brand trust. Encouraging new customers to trust your brand could help you generate more leads and sales.

Perhaps you need a brand reputation management strategy to continue generating fresh reviews.

Outline goals that are SMART. Make sure they align with your overall business objectives, too. For example, maybe you also want to:

  • Improve your local SERP rankings
  • Rank for more location-specific keywords
  • Create location-specific content on a schedule
  • Generate more brand awareness
  • Generate backlinks from local companies
  • Attract more website traffic
  • Generate more leads and sales

When you start researching and interviewing SEO companies, ask each one how they intend to accomplish your goals.

The SEO company shouldn’t use a cookie-cutter approach when developing your local SEO strategy. After all, your niche, company, and customers are all unique. Instead, the company should consider the best strategies that align with your unique goals.

A customized, innovative approach can help you improve your local SEO rankings.

Remain wary of any SEO professionals who only focus on one aspect of SEO, though. Make sure they have a plan for monitoring your progress, too. For each goal, determine what KPI you’ll track.

For example, you might track your SEO rankings, unique website visitors, or form submissions.

If the company doesn’t have a plan in place for monitoring your progress, they won’t know if they’re accomplishing your goals. 

2. Years of Industry Experience

Determine how long each SEO company has worked in the industry. You might find digital marketing agencies on your list that offer local SEO services. Consider how long they’ve offered those services to determine if they have hands-on experience.

Otherwise, ask how many clients they’ve helped over the years. Determine how many of those clients fit within your niche.

An agency with relevant experience will have an easier time developing your SEO strategy. They’ll have an understanding of what tactics work (and which don’t). These agencies will also know to avoid black hat SEO tactics.

Black hat SEO could get your website blacklisted from SERPs, making it more difficult for customers to find you online. 

Tools of the Trade

Make sure each SEO company uses the property tools.

For example, they should have knowledge of:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Ahrefs
  • Keyword Planner

Ask the agency how they plan on tracking your progress, conducting audits, or gathering keyword research. Ask them to explain their process for performing competitor analyses or monitoring backlinks, too.

Customer Service

Find an SEO agency that prioritizes their customers. Before hiring them, ask how they plan to communicate with your team moving forward.

For example, how often will they provide updates? Updates can help you determine if the company is helping you accomplish your goals. Otherwise, you might not find out they’re wasting your time and money until it’s too late. 

Focus on Audience

Google prioritizes website content that matches the search engine user’s intent. Ask each agency if they’ll take the time to research your local target audience. They should develop your SEO strategy with your customers in mind.

Then, they’ll take the time to develop personalized content, allowing you to forge stronger connections with your customers.

If the agency doesn’t take the time to research your audience, keep searching. 

3. Full Knowledge of SEO

About 76% of consumers who complete a search on their smartphones visit a business within a day. Almost 30% of these local searches result in a purchase. If you want to generate more visitors and sales, you need a strong SEO strategy.

Learn more about each company’s local SEO service and other services. For example, perhaps they offer content creation and link building, too.

Then, make sure the company has a full understanding of SEO. They should discuss on-page, off-page, local, and technical SEO when developing your strategy. 

For example, you’ll need to update your website in order to improve your rankings.

Ask about the company’s previous campaigns and determine how they’ve helped their clients in the past. 

4. Positive Reviews

Learn more about each local SEO agency by asking for client reviews. Reading reviews can help you find a reputable company worthy of your trust.

Look for reviews on the company’s Google Business listing. If they don’t have a Google Business listing, they’re likely not using their own SEO services.

Find an agency that has earned the trust and respect of its clients over the years. 

You can also ask for case studies to see proof that the agency was able to help its clients.

5. Cost of Service

Ask each SEO company for an itemized list of the services they offer. Get quotes from three different companies to compare your options. If one agency’s pricing is higher or lower than the rest, question why that is. 

Compare the estimates you gather to determine the average price of services. 

Don’t rush to choose the cheapest company, though. After all, you’ll get what you pay for. Instead, choose an agency that suits your budget and can accomplish your goals. 

Rank Up: Find the Best Local SEO Companies Today

A strong local SEO strategy can help you improve your SERP rankings, allowing you to reach new customers online. Use these five tips to find the best local SEO companies available. Then, narrow down your options to start marketing.

Improving your rankings with local SEO today.

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