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Let’s talk about the pillars of online marketing, specifically one: email marketing strategies and why they are so essential. Email is one of the best channels to communicate thanks to its familiarity, universality and flexibility.

But frequently marketers have problems using email marketing effectively. The main reason for that is that they are avoiding a very important aspect of email marketing. In order to succeed in any marketing activity, we always need one specific thing: a strategy!

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know to become an email marketing expert using a mail platform. If you are a business owner check out our following tips and you will become an email marketing guru in no time.


1. Have a clear idea of what is the right email marketing

Email marketing is a tool which can be considered vital for all business with an online presence. Through email we can send commercial and fundraising messages to our target audience and current customers.  Email marketing strategies must have 4 objectives:

  • To enhance the relationship with customers
  • To send emails with the purpose of acquiring new customers
  • To convince current customers to purchase what we want
  • To add advertisements

2. Learn how to build an email marketing list

becoming an email marketing expert

Building a bad database list is one of the worst mistakes marketers make. The first step of email marketing strategies is building a useful list of contacts. Your list must be made of all your current customers and existing subscribers. After a couple of months, you will see how your email marketing list grows with new contacts.

People sometimes purchase email lists but we highly suggest avoiding this practice. It´s very annoying to receive unsolicited emails from unknown senders and, what is worse, the majority of those emails are marked as spam.


3. Email marketing costs fractions of a penny

Email marketing has many advantages over traditional direct marketing. One of those advantages is the cost. Email marketing is always cheaper than others channels of advertising like TV, radio or paper. It doesn’t matter if you are deploying emails on your own or through a marketing agency; email marketing costs fractions of a penny to deploy!

4. Find the best time to send marketing emails

When you are developing your email marketing strategies is essential to send emails at the right time. You should keep a close eye on the metrics and study when your current customers and new customers open your emails.  Obviously, at the beginning of your email marketing strategy you will not have all the details and information about your new customers.

However, after a short period of time you will know exactly when is the perfect time to send your emails and impact your customers. Furthermore, you can always measure and test what timing works best for every email and subscriber.


5. Compare email marketing software

It´s crucial to choose an email marketing company which can provide you the best email marketing service & software.

Neoattack agency affirms that is very important to know which aspects must be taken into consideration when you compare email marketing platforms. Those aspects are:

  • Integration: CRM(Customer Relationship Management Software) is key in any digital marketing company. Updating and sending emails manually are always a waste of time, so you need to choose an email marketing platform which can be integrated with your CRM.
  • Reading: everybody is no longer checking emails on traditional desktop settings. People prefer to open their emails from their smartphones, because of that is advisable to choose an email marketing tool with functionality and optimized templates for mobile devices.
  • Response: when you need to send out emails to hundreds of people every single day, you have to send as well automated responses and aggregate customer responses into your database.

One of the best software, provided by companies such as Mailrelay, will offer you a solution for managing content, customer data, as well as giving you an overview of metrics to check which email marketing strategies are the most effective.


6. Always be creative in email marketing

email marketing experts are creative

When we say you need to be creative in email marketing strategies we refer to the overall design of the email, based on images, colors, content,  layout and font.

Images: many subscribers have images turned on by default, which means that your email will be difficult to display by your readers´ devices. So,  you don´t waste your resources sending images that are not based on your website and have a lot of pixels.  It´s much better to simplify and provide attractive images and  content.

Colors: try to catch readers´ attention using colors like white, pink, red, yellow, turquois and purple. Find the balance and remember that keeping design and copy minimal will help you to create effective emails.

Content:  you need to use concise content and enough white space in the design. You should give your subscribers a taste of your content and make them want to click and learn more. White space helps visually alleviate a cluttered feel and it´s easier for your subscribers to click the right link inside your emails. For email marketing strategies, it´s very useful to create  content calendars in order to know exactly what to send and when.

Don´t write boring subject lines in your emails because the subject line is what makes readers to open an email and click on its links. One of your goals is to grab people´s attention, so you must try different things and measure your open rates. Subject lines must be conversational, personal and creative.


7. Don´t use sender email addresses like “do not reply@ or no reply@”

When you send an email to your customers you want to stand out from the rest of their emails. So, avoid using sender emails addresses like “do not reply” and write a recognizable name. Using these generic email addresses will push your readers to skip your emails and your open rates will drop to zero.


8. Include primary call-to action in your emails

email marketing call to action

Don´t fill your emails with many CTAs because you will confuse your customers and they will not know what you want them to do. Be focused on what you really want to accomplish with that email. Have one single objective, and a few supporting objectives.


9.  Remember these three email marketing ideas for improving your open rates

  1. Emails must be optimized for mobile devices to be opened and read by your customers, so you must take care of optimizing images and driving traffic easily to your website.
  2. Don´t forget that emails must look professional, attractive and be well written. Take care of typos and grammatical errors, which can make your readers have doubts about your professionalism.
  3. Great email marketing strategies drive deals, so if you don´t make deals available via email you are losing money.


Conclusion: why email marketing is important for business owners

One of the key advantages of email marketing is the cost. But there are three more that will convince you to invest money in email marketing strategies: success, measureability and flexibility.

Your emails can be targeted for your ideal customers and, with the analytics available, you can easily track responses to your emails, knowing which parts of your email marketing campaign are working and which parts are not.

You are now on your way to becoming an expert in email marketing strategies! Should you decide to leave the heavy-lifting to experts, feel free to contact us, we’ve managed multi-million-Dollar email marketing programs.

Pilar Blanco
Latest posts by Pilar Blanco (see all)

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