Sandra Alandete

When it comes to self-marketing, the entrepreneurial world is difficult to break into. Being strategic about how you self-market is as crucial to your success as a new brand or business as how good your product or service is.

Social media has been the way for self-marketing in most industries for the past decade. It emerged as the most convenient and well-connected method to reach a large audience of people, have the largest perceived amount of impact, and get high level engagement from your followers.

Although social media is still a great way to market your brand, and you should definitely factor it into your marketing strategy, it may not be the best way.

Social media marketing has its purpose. It gets your name out there, it’s branding. It allows you to interact with fans internationally. It allows you to keep in touch with your fan base. It allows you to post and share your product on multiple platforms in order to encourage sales. But, that does not mean that it will create the level of brand awareness and brand value you expect.

Self-marketing isn’t simple but it is necessary, and email marketing is coming back to life as a new (old) method that had been eclipsed momentarily by the explosion of social media.

The following tips are aimed to provide you with some guidance if you are considering an email marketing strategy as a new approach to your business marketing campaign.

Personalize it!

There is something to be said about interacting with people in a more personal way. This is the driving force behind the new email marketing movement.

Email marketing has come back into circulation after the sharp influx of social media, which pulled people away from direct personal interaction.

Now, lost in the sea of followers, people crave some element of personalized contact from brands, even if it is not necessarily a direct, face-to-face conversation.

This has opened up the return of email marketing, with consumers choosing direct-to-inbox advertising attempts over 75% of the time as opposed to those sent over social media.

And with over 90% of consumers using email daily it is in your favour to pursue this method of self-marketing. Reaching your fans by email may take a bit of effort, but it is clearly the preferred way to interact.

Loyalty cannot be bought; you have to work for it.


Effort and consistency

Now this may seem like stating the obvious but, like any form of self-marketing, email market requires determined and consistent input. The return; for every $1 you spend the return is $44 when you use email marketing. Social media doesn’t even come close to competing with these numbers, not even close.

It doesn’t matter what platform you choose to operate from your return is often variable and your personal payout is great. It is not surprising why so many individuals are returning to email marketing for their products.  

If you are still wondering if the effort you are going to put forward is worth what you will get out of it, consider this. Studies have found that consumers will spend over 130% more if they receive a direct-to-inbox email advertisement than if they just saw an ad on social media. There is very little downside to this form of self-marketing besides the effort it will take on your part.

Nothing good was ever accomplished without elbow grease.


Your Customers are Your Priority

Your followers and customers are the reason you take to social media in the first place, the reason you want to share your brand. So give them the personalized content that they really want and will engage with.

Instead of giving your fans the chance to visit your store or site, ask them to send you an email address so that you can send them the direct product links their inbox. Always be sure to provide something in exchange for this information. It is important to give your fans some incentive to let you get in touch with them.

Once you have these email addresses you can create a mailing list. You must deliver on all the promises you have made to your customers. Ensure that your emails are personalized and that you provide exactly what you promised in exchange for the email address.

After that, you can email everyone on your list with updates about your products and company. Send them dates for specials. Send them links to your new products. Send them links to your site to buy products or combos you are hoping to promote.

Keep in contact and build loyalty, and you will see a return on time and resources spent.


Own Your Content

You are the brand owner and that is important. You should always be in control of what you produce and where it is sent. With social media you do not have this level of control. You share the initial post but beyond that it is out of your hands. However, email marketing allows you to have sole ownership over everything you create and you know exactly to whom it is going to.

Ensure that your content is good and people will invest in it. Over 70% of consumers have indicated that they will register for direct-to-inbox email advertisements in the hopes that they will receive discounts. Consumers would rather communicate with brands via email, and email marketing has proven to have higher engagement rates and returns. It is the preferable method of spending money on products.

So give your fans what they want. Email them offers they will be interested in and they will invest money in you. People who use email are used to receiving promotional material via email and have a high tolerance for it. This cannot be said for social media. Email users will go looking for deals, and then pass on the ones they find to friends and family. Social media will only be able to do so much for you. Email marketing is limitless.

So take a leap and send an email, the return can only be in your favor.

Sandra Alandete

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