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Carlos A. Espitia

Professional SEO Consultant & Founder of CAE Marketing & Consulting, Inc.


SEO Consultant, digital marketing consultant - Carlos A. Espitia

Carlos A. Espitia | SEO Consultant, Digital Marketing Consultant, Founder & CEO of CAE Marketing & Consulting, Inc.

Most SEO companies in the market claim they know what SEO is. But there are very few SEO specialists who do understand SEO, and Carlos A. Espitia is one of them. Carlos is an SEO consultant with over 18 years of professional SEO and internet marketing experience. His passion for Search Engine Optimization began while taking an introduction to the Internet class during college in 1998. He optimized and ranked his first website on Yahoo, shortly before Google existed and long before “SEO” was even a thing.


Carlos was a digital marketing strategist and SEO analyst at MEC Labs in Jacksonville, FL before he decided to set out on his own and provide custom SEO consulting services. And since then, he has been working as an SEO consultant for a large variety of industries.


Professional SEO Consultant

As a professional SEO consultant, Carlos can help your business climb to the top of search engine results pages by providing an SEO strategy specifically built for your business. Better keyword rankings means more search engine traffic (organic traffic) to your website, and with a great site layout or site structure, this could bring massive business success for you. Hiring the right organic SEO consultant will come with expert advice


He will work with you to develop a custom SEO strategy that fits your business and your goals. Some of the SEO consulting services that Carlos provides as an SEO consultant include:


    • Keyword research
    • SEO Competitive analysis
    • Technical SEO audit
    • On page Search Engine Optimization
    • Link building (quality backlinks)
    • Content marketing (full of new ideas)
    • Building a great Content Strategy
    • Backlink audit
    • Social media marketing
    • And more!
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SEO Consultant for Lawyers

Though Carlos has worked with many different types of businesses, in the last few years he has been focusing heavily on providing his SEO consulting services to lawyers, attorneys, and law firms. Carlos understands the unique challenges that lawyers face when it comes to marketing their business online. As an SEO consultant for law firms, he knows that the only way to rank an attorney website on Google is to begin with proper keyword research and a solid SEO competitive analysis.


Carlos specializes in developing solid marketing strategies for companies ranging from start-ups and small businesses to enterprise-level corporations and non-profit organizations. With a certified background as an SEO consultant and digital marketing analyst & marketing researcher, along with an entrepreneurial drive, Carlos has the experience and insight to help businesses succeed through his SEO consulting services utilizing all digital marketing channels and laying out a solid SEO strategy.


Other SEO Consultants

What really sets Carlos apart from other SEO consultants and search engine marketing consultants is his passion and vast knowledge for Search Engine Optimization and his iron-clad dedication to his clients. As a business owner himself, he takes the time to understand your business and your business goals, and develops a custom Search Engine Optimization strategy that will help you achieve those goals. He also utilizes all digital marketing channels to help you get the most out of your Search Engine Optimization investment.


Most search engine marketing consultants and digital marketing agencies require that you sign a contract with them, typically 6-12 months. Carlos’s digital marketing agency, CAE Marketing & Consulting does not require a contract, only a 30-days notice of cancellation. Why is that? Because they want to retain you as a client with results and not a piece of paper. Ask the other SEO consultants about their contracts.


Ranking a website on search engines is not rocket science, but it can take time and quite a bit of knowledge to do it right. Understanding Google algorithm updates and how they impact your website is also key. The competition for websites to rank high in search engines has never been more fierce. SEO consultants understand this, and those that are good can and will charge a premium for their SEO consulting services. Link building should be part of any conversation involving Search Engine Optimization.


Why You Should Hire Us


  • We are unrelenting & passionate about SEO results.
  • We’ve been hitting SEO home-runs since 2003, and we have a proven success track record.
  • NO contracts. Why? We want to earn our clients’ business every month. Most other SEO agencies will lock you into a 6-12 month contract.
  • Integrity & Transparency are the cornerstone of what we do and how we operate.
  • No sales team. We invest in top SEO consultants as part of our team, not sales people. Why? Our work generates leads on its own. Shouldn’t that be what you’re looking for in an SEO agency?
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Full Digital Marketing Consultancy

As a search marketing consultant, Carlos will work with you to develop a custom digital marketing strategy that fits your business and meets its search marketing goals. Some of the online marketing services and SEO services that Carlos provides as an SEO consultant through his Boca Raton SEO agency include:


No business can succeed without a great marketing team. Marketing is the key to driving awareness and interest in your product or service, and that’s where CAE’s marketing team of professionals absolutely shine. They are knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of internet marketing, with vast collectively knowledge of what makes a business online successful, how to rank ecommerce websites, and what the ideal link building strategy is.


SEO Consulting

SEO is one of the most complex and misunderstood aspects of internet marketing. And because of that, many nationwide and local businesses look for solid SEO consulting in order to help them improve their website’s search engine ranking. But not all SEO consulting is created equal.


There are a few things you should look for when hiring an SEO consultant. First, make sure they have a solid understanding of SEO and how it works. Second, make sure they have experience with your industry or niche. Third, make sure they are honest and ethical in their business practices. Check out their Google business reviews, specifically on their SEO consulting services, and see what their previous clients say about them.


Carlos has always had a penchant for teaching also. He is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, where he served as a marksmanship instructor with The 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd Marine Division. He graduated from The University of Florida with a Bachelors Degree in Business, where he also founded the National Veteran’s Fraternity – Omega Delta Sigma.


On his spare time, Carlos enjoys being an instructor for high-performance driving events, where he shares his knowledge of auto racing and car dynamics on race tracks like Miami-Homestead Speedway, Sebring Raceway, and Daytona International Speedway.


If you’re looking for an SEO consultant who can help you achieve long-term success with your online marketing, Carlos is your guy. With his years of experience and knowledge, he can help you get the most out of your SEO investment. Contact Carlos today to learn more about his seo consulting services!


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ArmorTech Powder Coating - a CAE Marketing & Consulting client
Marketing for small business by CAE Marketing & Consulting, Inc.
Marketing for small business by CAE Marketing & Consulting, Inc.


"Nothing but professionalism and dedication from these guys. Down to earth with a no-nonsense approach. They are truly here to help the small business owners through their expertise in digital marketing."

CAE Marketing & Consulting reviews - Bob Palcher Bob Palcher CEO, Dealer Solutions, Inc.  


"CAE Marketing has helped our business by making us more aware of the statistics in order to formulate our decision making for our marketing mix. He has a very good understanding of how business works and the details that go along with it."

CAE Marketing & Consulting Reviews - Gene FriedmanGene Friedman CEO, Infinity Exhibits  


"Whenever I communicate with them, it's like talking with a friend who cares about my business. More importantly, they care about my invested interest in my project, and that in turn inspires me even more."

CAE Marketing & Consulting, Inc Reviews - Diane JellenDiane Jellen Award-Winning Author  




"Their drive, determination and work ethic are unmatched. 10 years later, we are still working with CAE Marketing."

CAE Marketing Reviews - Tom PearsonTom Pearson CEO, Trynix Systems Group, LLC  




"CAE Marketing managed to place us on the first page of Google for several keywords specific to our industry. Prior to this we were nowhere to be found on search engines. Going on 6 years working together and we couldn’t be happier."

CAE Marketing & Consulting Reviews - Phil HorelickPhil Horelick Owner, ArmorTech Powder Coatings, Inc.  


"The phrase “Well done good and faithful servant” kept coming to mind. I think it applies to you and your group that put together this campaign and video in order to help these terminally-ill kids."

CAE Marketing & Consulting Reviews - Stephen ZoellerStephen C. Zoeller Chaplain & Founder of Zoeller Motorsports Ministries  




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