With the success of social networking sites, most of the business enterprises are using them as a marketing tool. The importance of these social platforms has increased in the past few years and there has been an increase in the services and benefits offered by these social sites to their users. The introduction of social media management services has proved to be very beneficial for small businesses as they can now manage the activities of their accounts more effectively. Businesses can now schedule social messages directed towards the social platforms of their potential customers. Though the process of scheduling social messages is extremely useful, it also requires proper attention. Some of the most common mistakes done by the small business social media professional include the following. These mistakes should be avoided in order to promote your business and enhance its productivity.


Sending The Same Message across All Social Platforms

In order to make an influencing presence in the world of social media, you need to invest some time while crafting messages for different platforms. It is a must for a social platform to follow its unique language, etiquette, and rules. In order to build a strong clientele you need to understand the working of different social platforms. An attractive message with the use of tags can direct the customers towards your business. It is preferable to craft individual messages for different platform and ensure that they are received by the targeted customers.


Forgetting The Social Media Schedule

With the use of effective social media management tools it is now possible to schedule updates on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and other platforms. This is a time-saving and cost-effective method of promoting your small business. You can schedule the messages in advance which are updated on the targeted platforms according to the date and time. The most common mistake made by the users of this tool is that they design the schedule in advance and forget to have a check on it. In order to avoid any issue you should always check whether the message is still relevant or not and possess correct information.


Not Responding to Comments

When the social media manager forgets the schedule it is liable that they might also forget to respond to the visitors. It is necessary that you maintain a communication flow and communicate with the social users on all the different platforms you manage. In order to deal with this effectively you can set alerts for the posts when anyone mentions the name of your organization or you can also use listening tools offered by social media management services.


Not Using #Hashtags

Not using hashtags properly is one thing, but not using them at all is an entirely different level of social media fail. Appropriate hashtags need to be applied on every post. #fail – See how easy that was?


Simply Shouting Out the Messages

Proper attention should be paid while crafting the message to be delivered on different social platforms. You should not simply shout out your message. Make sure that it is attractive, contains relevant information and updates etc. you should also answer the questions of the visitors in a timely manner.


Not Posting at Optimum Times

We live in the information age. Data is not something we lack.  Some of the most popular social media scheduling tools have extensive data on when your followers are engaging the most with your posts. Pay attention to this data. It is often best to allow these scheduling tools to choose the best times to posts, based on your followers’ historical data of engagement.

optimum social media postings sample


Some of our favorite social media scheduling tools are Buffer and Hootsuite.

Here’s another great resource: How to get more twitter followers!

These are some of the common mistakes mostly done by business organizations. Avoiding these mistakes can help you in promoting your small business to a great extent.

Carlos A. Espitia

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